Member Benefits


Join today and reap the benefits of being a CLUB Gondola member.

Private Access

Members receive 365/24/7 access to a growing portfolio of residences in the most spectacular locations around the globe.  This includes luxury homes, spacious condominiums and breathtaking villas.

The Lowest Rates

Rental rates are up to 50% below what you can typically find anywhere else for similar properties.

Personal Access to CLUB Adventures.

Are you a scuba diver, hiker, golfer, sailor, fisherman, kayaker or just the normal adventurous type?  If so, CLUB Gondola has something special for you.  CLUB Adventures offers the most exciting activities for those that dare to break away from the norm.

Exclusive Offers

A CLUB Gondola membership translates into immediate access to some of the most luxurious residences in the world.  Simultaneously, it provides a money-saving process for our members.  No other destination club can offer such extraordinary properties with such deep discounts on guest services like these...  


  • Discounted Full-Size Rental Cars
  • Access to Limousine Transfers to and from airports
  • Private Jet Club Discounts
  • Discounted Ski Lift Tickets
  • Discounted Ski and Snowboard Rentals
  • 20% off CSA Travel Insurance
  • Discounted Park Passes


Arrival Amenities

All CLUB Gondola members receive an arrival package at their destination residence comprised of goodies including flowers, fruit, chocolates, wines or special occasion baskets directly from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Last Minute Deals (LMD)

CLUB members get exclusive access to weekly deals each week.  Each week CLUB Gondola reduced the rates on a select inventory of luxury homes, condos and villas that reflect discounts up to 80% normal market rates.  We would rather have our members enjoy a "Last Minute Deal", than see our luxury residences go empty.  Rates range from $199 to $499 per night.


Tailored Customer Service

The steps involved in tailoring the perfect suit, is the same as crafting the perfect vacation.  Our “Gondoliers” take pride in helping members locate the perfect vacation destination that meets their specific needs before, during and after every trip.  By definition, a Gondolier is somebody who carries travelers on extraordinary rides at discounted rates.