Common Questions about CLUB Gondola

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What exactly is CLUB Gondola?

  • CLUB Gondola is a members only destination and adventure club.  After joining the CLUB, members receive 5-star luxury lodging and travel benefits that are unprecedented in the industry.  CLUB Gondola offers deep discounts to the most extraordinary homes, condos and villas in the world at prices up to 50% off what is normally found in the marketplace. 

What kind of vacation properties does CLUB Gondola offer to its members?

  • CLUB Gondola offers only 5-star homes, condos and villas to it's members.  This includes properties in the best possible locations, with the most amenities, with the finest furnishings and decor.  Each home is selected with the highest standards to assure members receive consistent luxury accommodations 100% of the time.

How can CLUB Gondola offers such low rental prices on luxury homes?

  • Through agreements established with homeowners of luxury properties located around the world, CLUB Gondola can offer members the absolute lowest nightly rates in the travel industry. 

What benefits do members receive?

  • Members enjoy an expanding number of 5-star luxury homes, condos and villas in the most exciting destinations across the globe.
  • Our strategy gives us the ability to pass-on other benefits to our members including $19.99 full-size rental cars, and $69.00 roundtrip limousine transfers. 
  • Members have access to exciting excursions like scuba diving, heli-skiing, rafting and other awe-inspiring trips through our members only - "CLUB Adventures".
  • Our members receive advise and travel planning services from a designated "Gondolier" at no charge.

What is a "Gondolier"?

  • CLUB members receive customer service and travel planning advise from a select group of travel professionals called "Gondoliers".   This team of travel professionals assists our members in before, during and after a vacation.  These services are at no additional cost to the member.

How do I book a 5-star luxury home, condo or villa?

  • Booking a reservation or CLUB adventure is done by visiting, or calling a your personal "Gondolier" at 888-295-5233.   

How far in advance can I make a booking?

  • Members can make reservations up to 6-months in advance for residences.  Reservations for CLUB Adventures varies depending on the activity.

What is the cancellation rule?

  • CLUB Members with CSA Travel Insurance are refunded up to 100% of reservation costs.  Refer to the CSA rules and regulations section of this website.  Without CSA insurance, there is no penalty for cancellations more than 120 days before travel, and only a 25% penalty for cancellations within 60 to 120 days of travel. Cancellations within 60 days, as well as during certain holiday periods, are non-refundable.   

Can I purchase travel insurance through CLUB Gondola?

  • Yes.  CLUB Gondola has partnered with CSA Travel Protection to provide members with the most comprehensive travel insurance in the industry, including a FREE 10-day free look.   CSA offers you the option to either cancel your policy and receive a full refund, or keep it.  During online checkout, choose "yes" to include travel insurance.

How many bookings can I make annually?

  • There is not limit to the number of reservations a member can make.

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