CLUB Services

CLUB Gondola is dedicated to providing members with the ultimate in CLUB services  We help our close-knit family members organize journeys that reep memories for a lifetime.  We maintain the highest standards and attend carefully to every detail assuring members of 5-star customer service and support.

Customer Service

As soon as you submit a booking, our members are immediately assigned a personal "Gondolier". He/She will then be your point of contact throughout the trip planning and booking procedure.  All of our Gondoliers are well versed in every property in the CLUB, and have been chosen for their love and in-depth knowledge of our destinations. Everything is possible and nothing is too much trouble – your Gondolier will partner with you indefinitely until you are 100% satisfied that the vacation or adventure crafted for you.

Rental Cars

Call your personal Gondolier for assistance, 1-888-295-5233.

Limousine Transfers

Every CLUB Gondola member receives access to transfers to and from their home airport via stretch limousine (based on availability).  Call your personal Gondolier for assistance, 1-888-295-5233.



Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect you in case of unforeseen circumstances. For an additional 6.95% of the total booking cost, a travel insurance policy from CSA, Inc. will protect your entire partys vacation investment if you are forced to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip due to weather, illness, injury, or any other covered reason.* This policy also includes very important baggage and medical protection.

*For more information, see the following links and mention product #330 CSA for your special rate. 


    CSA Guest Protect
Product Discount Code: 330 CSA - CLUB Gondola
Percentage Rate:


  Call  (888) 295-5233 to purchase